Brand Management  continues to  be a major factor that defines both revenue streams and  business life cycle  even in a B2B environment .  And, this, notwithstanding the  eternal apprehensions about why  at all Branding  is needed when we sell to businesses.  This is a topic that still lacks appreciation among small and medium businesses while the larger B2B businesses  are marching ahead by not just realizing the power of Branding but also leveraging on it . 

Here are three example that  stand testimony to how  even well established B2B businesses  are involved continually in brand evaluation, brand positioning and brand building  efforts to enhance presence and sustain  visibility . Brand reputation management has been adopted as an effective tool for growing the business even several years ago when globalization and competitiveness had not gotten so complex and challenging as it is today. That said ,   a well thought out Brand Strategy and a well managed Brand reputation  is even more critical in the current highly competitive scenario


I am reminded of how CISCO , the well known American Corporation Technology Company brought in an element of humour into their B2B branding few years ago through this video And I quote : “ The Perfect Gift for Valentine's Day, from Cisco was a humorous video for a B2B product launch. The comedy was covered by the New York Times and several trade magazines, and included in the social media best selling book, Real Time Marketing by David Meerman Scott.”

More recently, AT&T— the brand well known for its ampersand highlights in its "Power of &" ad campaign ,about how it brings “ the power of & to more than 3.5 million business customers around the world, including nearly all of the Fortune 1000. “ This is a great example of how branding is used by B2B businesses to build strong technology partnerships. Let’s take a look at the video here.

Another great creative video of  a campaign aimed mainly at B2B audience comes from Schneider Electric  in its campaign “ Life is on” . The goal is clearly to stay ahead of its competitors  better known in the industrial B2B space, including ABB, GE and Siemens. This is how the Campaign  goes.

Clearly , more and more B2B businesses will have to adopt and embrace Branding as a tool  to stay afloat and the ones that does it earlier are the ones that go on to become leaders in the field. B2B branding helps Repositioning of a midsize brand to a premium brand or even power an existing brand.

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