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One of the greatest challenges International Companies face is to be able to successfully build Brand culture and Reputation effectively across countries  . A good brand perception in the home country does not necessarily guarantee success Internationally. International players who seek to market products globally need to be culture conscious and make some minimum efforts to understand local sensitivities . And by that , I certainly do not try to convey for a moment that  International ethos, quality standards and cultures need to be compromised locally . In fact, that is one of the greatest pitch points that Multinational organizations can use to demonstrate commitment to underlying values that form part of their Brand Identity. 

However, the business objectives can be achieved in a more effective and non offensive way   if only the marketers can genuinely pay attention to certain minor sensitivities of  the local markets and try to  relate well to the consumers . It will go a long way in building confidence, trust and nurturing long term relationships with the customers.  Cost of rebuilding a lost customer is atleast 10x of cost of retaining a good custom.

Challenges that may arise are varied ,like

  • Differences in Perception on the  functional appeal  for a product  and consequent innovation strategies.
  • Differences in Marketers being able to manage the language challenge.
  • Marketers respect for local culture ,festivities and social practices and Demographic spread of the region.
  • Healthy trust  sensitive to local economic environment and conventional business practices.
  • Optimum mix of Online and traditional marketing.

Well known Companies like Volvo have invested significant sums in their Branding budgets to evaluate perceptions in different geographic regions they serve and map their marketing strategies accordingly.

Here’s a quote from Mindshift Interactive research report  “Brands like Coco Cola and Patanjali  have been particularly active in marketing through regional channels on Social media. According to the report local language users will increase to 42% by Dec 2016 amounting to 180 million out of 328 million active Internet users”

Here is another – “ Target retailer’s CFO Cathy Smith announced a $ 20 million renovation plan to make sure all its US stores  offer single toilet bathrooms for any customer who would not prefer to us designated male or female facilities. Move addresses transgender customer and employee concerns about wanting a gender- neutral male or female facility – in addition to gender specific bathrooms”. Consequent Internal branding to be able to prepare marketers to think International is key to Cross border brand perception building .

A little attention towards these aspects would go a long way in building a harmonious and sustaining relationship with local team and customers and the organization could discover great synergy notwithstanding the Nationality divide. To put the long story short, the International marketers need to be picked carefully by evaluating personality in terms of the right disposition, tolerance levels and adaptability because these factors determine if they strengthen or break well built bridges and relationships.

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