What are the Indicators of a Strong Brand?

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Well, there are several factors that make brands Iconic. To name a few

  • Futuristic and Innovative
  • Top tier dealers excited to deal with the brand
  • Pride that your customers find in cocreating brand for you

But at the RIO 2016 , several brands are focusing on Social causes to spread a brand message and using the event as a platform to showcase social commitments that the Brands value and it is indeed turning out an effective Indicator at a macro-geographic level.

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Nike, have always been known to use sportspersons as their brand ambassadors . Most recently it was Serena Williams when she became the 2016 Wimbledon Champion . Consistent with their commitment to sports , now they are celebrating the first transgender man to be on a US national team .Nike’s new Ad titled Unlimited courage is a novel and unique promotion of spirit of sports and of the transgender Community . Through this Nike demonstrates its strong belief and commitment to society . By promoting this highly popular social topic , the brand attempts not only to remain consistent but also  create a unique recall in the minds of millions of sports lovers and the transgender community . Besides, Nike’s campaigns also features several female athletes . So what we see here is a strong emphasis on core values of societal  causes that the brand stands for. And the fact that  Rafael Nadal  and playing partner Marc Lopez winning gold for Spain , wearing Nike sneakers was an icing on the cake for their vision.

Procter and Gamble on the other hand uses the platform  to celebrates #LikeAgirl” campaign to demonstrate its commitment to encourage female sports and I quote from a Press release of Michele Baeten, Always Associate Director, Procter & Gamble  “The Olympic Games are a time when - all around the world - female sports participation is elevated in the public eye, and for that reason, we could not think of a better moment to drive awareness of the critical role sports play in building girls’ confidence,” “We will rally and unite Olympic athletes, the International and National Olympic Committees and other organizations, to spark a change and inspire a world in which every girl truly feels that she can play sports and will Keep Playing #LikeAGirl!”.

Nearer home,  Amul  uses the platform   to support the Indian Contingent second time in a row and tries to brand its core health values of its milk brand as an energy drink . Here again , the hoardings carry the Amul girl  along with the Olympics logo as the ambassador on all its packaging  in its “Amul Doodh Peeta hai” India campaigns , trying to get dual advantage of not just promoting its health drink but also demonstrating support for the female athlete.


Clearly ,these social causes and contributions ,although intangible in terms of ROI on spends initially,ultimately go a long way in building strong brand recall by  remaining in the minds of millions of viewers who would look at these as matters of pride to be associated with the brand. These are clearly forward looking brands. They can visualize that  ROI will clearly be tangible ultimately   in the form of viral marketing from  top tier dealers and word of mouth customers who would have a long lasting impression about the brand as one that relates to society at large,not just at national levels but also on international forums .

Brand is the most valuable resource  that sets apart a ” fly by night player “ to a “ We are here to stay” brand and eventually effective Corporate branding and International Branding is what decides how widespread is your reach among the wider spectrum of potential clients. Dynamism, Continual  reinvention, Innovation  and disruptive technology  all of these play an integral role in the brandpositioning efforts.

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