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Merely creating a Website and showcasing the offering is not “online presence “. Here are some tips that can make Website a platform that people can relate to and thereby connect to the brand.

  • Does the website reflect and communicate Brand personality .
  • Does it showcase the core values and ethics that sets the Brand apart from your Competitor.
  • Does it  cohesively integrate all elements of social media presence in order to drive more traffic.
  • Does the website have a CMS system that can accommodate regular updates for the brand to stay connected with prospective customers.
  • Finally, who owns the responsibility for the traffic ,the geo-analytics and bounce rate in order to ensure that traffic gets converted to Salesready leads !

Planning and creating a result oriented Website needs attention to details and is too important  a function to be sidelined. It would involve an indepth  understanding of the business,target customers and the marketing strategy. As this is the first point of connect for customers who connect through the Social media, it should be mapped well with Brand strategy in order to engage people and increase percentage of returning visitors.

This is only because - In this highly competitive environment, consumers need not look for search engines, they are blessed with choice engines ,so to say .

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