We are all aware that Social media has completely changed the way we function ,we relate and the way we do business. Today, digital environment and technologies provides organizations amazing opportunities for brands  to engage with enterprises in such  new ways that were quite impossible to think  of  just  few years ago . That said, the very same opportunities exist also for competitors and so  the challenge is how do we do think and do differently and stay step ahead.

Digital  marketing is often used synonymous with or substitute for #Corporate Branding but the truth is that digital marketing is just one tool for a much broader Brand Strategy. Role and the power of #CorporateBrandingStrategy to gain competitive edge through  Digital marketing is often underestimated. Business owners and top management are  often overwhelmed with day to day functioning  and so tend to outsource the Digital marketing function as a stand alone function and the concept of ROI from Digital marketing takes a back seat .  This approach will neither give organizations a ROI nor will outsourced agencies be able to even reasonably assure leads ,let alone increase in market share . This is simply because , both the Objectives and the Metrics take a back seat.

#Digitalmarketing will yield desired results and returns only if it is backed by a holistic Brand strategy and owned end to end by a senior professional who understands both the business strategy and business dynamics in depth and can map them all to the Digital Marketing strategy.

Organisations need to build workforce competencies to recognize this and efficiently slot in digital marketing campaigns at Branding and Marketing Strategy design phase itself in order to deliver the right and consistent customer experience .  Only then, digital marketing campaign is more likely to lead to  tangible results  either in the form of penetration into New markets or Repositioning of a midsize brand to a premium brand or even power an existing brand.

Several Digital marketing tools such as Online and Mobile advertising , Ad words Campaign  Strategic Content management  or  Visual marketing approach need to be carefully picked and aligned well with Go- to-Market strategies to  bolster brand reputation through the right media.

Web analytics, Performance monitoring and Conversion tracking should be an integral part of any digital marketing program without which money spent on SEO and SMM will only be a drain on financial resources with no value addition. Finally Integrated marketing also plays a key role in structuring a well thought out brand strategy because Branding attributes are a lot Intangible and element of sensitivity and personal touch are also highly relevant topics.

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