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PPC campaign is an Inorganic SEO model where traffic is paid for, as opposed to Organic SEO where traffic and ranking is an evolutionary process earned over months by using a combination of strategies. While in organic SEO, long term efforts are rewarded through sustainable visibility, inorganic SEO efforts are aimed at immediate results but could be more expensive unless well strategized and conducted.  This is an appropriate Internet Marketing model for the likes of seasonal business trying to generate leads periodically or for drawing traffic for specific events. Inorganic SEO budgets can be money down the drain unless well thought out, strategized and monitored to ensure improved Quality Score from Search engines which ultimately brings down cost and improves ROI.

Here are atleast 3 tips to ensure PPC campaigns become successful

  • Optimize landing page to make it aligned to offering and relevant to the target audience because this is where the first impression gets created
  • Strategic research and selection of keywords with a combination of short tail, long tail and negative keywords to ensure money spent on ads not  wasted by traffic not relevant or serious.
  • Effective Adgroup Organization through Compelling message in the Ads , powered by right keywords and Integrated  with Content on Landing page

What can make PPC Campaigns a Winner is the Constant monitoring and refining of all the parameters of the Campaign like the ADtext, Landing page and also the keyword research all through the Campaign and most of all metrics monitoring on a daily basis to ensure payback of money invested in Campaign .

Brandhorizon is an International Brand Consultancy firm that offers a  One Stop shop  for your entire Branding needs .

What we can do  for you  !

  • Strategise  the Organic and Inorganic SEO Mix
  • Build  Organic Ranking for your Website
  • Run your Google Adwords  and Facebook PPC Campaigns for Instant visibility
  • Monitor  the metrics to ensure ROI

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